Stewart, Anne


Science Fair is Thursday, February 16.

Mrs. Stewart

   My name is Anne Stewart and I teach
because of my love for children! Just a bit about me: A New Mexican transplanted to El Paso in middle school, I am a Southwesterner!  I graduated from Coronado High School, spent four wonderful years at Baylor University and graduated with a double major in Earth Science (geology) and Education. I am certified to teach early childhood through high school. In 2000, I completed my Masters in Art Education and Developmental Child Psychology at UTEP. 

   I am married to my best friend and we have four adult offspring, one daughter-in-love and two perfect granddaughters! Life is sweet – life is good!

Conference Time: 8:15 - 9:00

Monday through Friday's class and homework assignments are posted every Monday on the flip chart at the front of the class. Students are to copy the whole week into their student planner every Monday. 

Math is always color coded red. Topic number is always listed first with the lesson number given after the decimal. The day's practice pages as well as homework pages are always listed on the flip chart. Only the even numbered problems are assigned for homework unless otherwise noted on the flip chart.
EX.  3.1 (Topic 3, lesson 1) pp. 45-49    HW. pp 50-51 even only

Science is always color coded green. Text book pages are consumable and may be torn out and stapled together from time to time. 5E/5B science lab will continue once a lab teacher is hired. The 5E/5B Science Project due date will be the first of February. Exact date will posted as soon as we have a school SCIENCE FAIR schedule. The Science Class Project is mandatory while entering the SCIENCE FAIR is not; however, once a student as gone to the effort to prepare a class project, WHY NOT ENTER the project into the FAIR!!