Hackett, Anita
teacher picHi! I am Anita Hackett. I have been teaching for twenty-four years with EPISD. Six years as a self-contained fourth grade teacher, two years as a third grade teacher, four years as a physical education teacher, and twelve years as a fifth grade math and science teacher.

Class Expectations:

My expectations for the school year are that each student come to class everyday with an "I can do" attitude!  We have a lot to learn this year but with the correct attitude and some effort they will be able to achieve great things.  Some of the basics that will be needed are necessary supplies and materials to complete each days assignments.  Responsibility and discipline are vital components to success and I expect each student to be responsible for their decisions each day.  I will do my best to impart experience and insight to help them make good decisions.  The goal is for students to have a strong foundation in math skills and problem solving strategies to transition into sixth grade with confidence and success.